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English is the most widely used language in the world. Businesses use it to communicate worldwide, films and television programs are produced mainly in English and social media and websites are too English orientated thus making the English language a huge tool to have. 

Learning languages as an adult can be an extremely daunting prospect. We take a little bit longer to register and absorb new words, frustration often kicks in and we give up after just a couple of language lessons. Going to English classes, however, is not the only way to learn the language as you will soon discover. 

Here are the best ways to learn English without feeling like you are back in high school studying for your finals. Keep it fun and simple with these easy activities;

Watch Movies With Subtitles

You would be surprised at how much of the English you already know comes from watching movies. First of all, it is a great excuse to sit and watch your favorite films while feeling like you are studying. 

Watch the film in English and have the subtitles in your own language, pause the film now and then to write down new words that you didn’t know before and revise them once the film is over. Watch the same movie a number of times, start off with subtitles, once you have seen the film a couple of times with subtitles, try seeing it without. 

Top Tip: Revise the new words you learn each time and test yourself on them weekly. Writing down full sentences rather than a few words on their own will boost your understanding even more. 

Pick a Topic

If you are more of a structured learner, choose a topic to study every time. For example, learn phrases about planning a holiday, then revise them and record yourself asking and answering questions about planning a holiday. Once you have mastered holiday planning in English, move on to the next topic. 

Top Tip: always look over topics you have done before so that you don’t forget crucial keywords. 

Online Courses 

No one likes a classroom environment after a certain age and that is why online English courses are a great way of learning from the comfort of your own home. Have a look at this page for example, you can get professional guidance, tips, practice questions, and exercises through the online English course. 

Set Goals

Set yourself reasonable goals that you believe are achievable. Believe me, when you hit a language milestone, it just urges you to stay at it!

Mistakes Are Good

Making mistakes is one of the best ways of learning something new. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or be embarrassed if someone corrects you. Language is a process that takes time and mistakes must be made along the way in order to improve. 

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