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Secret Study Skills was an website for students that wanted to increase their success in exams and ace the results regardless of the field of study.

It was designed as a landing page for a marketing ebook, and as such the site is limited in scope, with the sole aim of directing visitors to sign up to the mailing list in order to receive a free PDF containing 101 secret study tips as well as access to videos on effective ways to study.

The product in question was called Ultimate Study secrets.

The site was a typical one page affair focusing on highlighting a visitors problems and how the product being promoted by Secret Study Skills could effectively help them combat these issues.

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The earliest iteration of Secret Study Skills was way back in 2008 when this type of site, funneling visitors into an email list was well established and worked well using the SEO tactics of the time.

The site joined the family on the 19th May 2022.

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