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Learn Safe was a for profit site that focused on helping schools improve their safety and security. It included things such as school site risk assessments, emergency & crisis management, computer network security, and surveillance technology.

Learn safe provided workshops covering a wide variety of safety and security topics, including helping teachers help their students with things such as bullying and fearful experiences.

Gang prevention tactics were also covered by this business.

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While the Learn Safe domain was active from around 2002, the core Learn Safe site was created until around March 2007, with it sadly going defunct somewhere between July 2010 and June 2012, after which another firm took over the domain.

Types of Content

The different type of content that Learn Safe provided was:

  • Risk Assessments – a brief guide on how Learn Safe could assist schools through a variety of different assessments.
  • Training – training and workshops in conjunction with other school safety organizations.
  • Crisis Management – building on the various risk assessment, Learn Safe could offer full training in how to deal with things should they go bad.

As the site said, “the LearnSafe Initiative combines a security curriculum, continuing education programs, and a robust suite of technology and security services”, all this aimed at helping schools stay safe, no matter what.

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