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Learn tapes was a site dedicated to helping a cappela singers learn and improve through the purchase of one of the specially composed tracks. The site creator was well thought of, with testimonials like “I could not have asked for a better result with Sean’s learning tapes. In a little over 4 weeks, Sean produced MP3 files for 4 moderately difficult songs, with the interpretation I requested and a sensitivity to musicality that far exceeded my expectations”.

That is to be expected what with us experience being “includes quartet singing, chorus singing, chorus directing, serving as a board member, and many many late nights of convention listening and singing” and having competed on the international competition stage numerous times.

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From its humble beginnings back in 2001, the site originally focused on barbershop harmony groups but branched out to a wider audience around 2013, with an updated sleek redesign and a focus on a cappella singers in general.

The site joined the family on the 30th May 2022.

Site Content

The site was a fairly content light site, focusing primarily on the services that the creator Sean Milligan provided to singers.

One interesting aspect of the site was the ability to download some samples of the tracks Sean created. Some examples of them are:

  • Bye Bye Blues
  • Waitin’ for the Robert E. Lee
  • Til There Was You
  • Somebody Knows
  • When Day Is Done
  • Here Comes Santa Claus

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