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Classroom Quests was an educational website aimed at both educators and parents focusing around “an elementary school teacher’s quest for knowledge, inspiration, and all things nerdy”.

The site covered a lot of the experiences of the site owner, Cheryl, in her day to day life as an elementary teacher. It provided information about various STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) tasks and projects, as well as a general blog revolving around the trials and tribulations of being a teacher.

The articles ranged from deeper dives touching on things like mental health, to industry level topics, and to the more lighthearted fun topics such as using a mustache sign for leaving notes on.

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The earliest known instance of Classroom Quests dates back to July 2012, with an initial post titled “A Beginning” where the author, Cheryl, explains that she is still a life long learner quoting the Michelangelo phrase Ancora Imparo (“I am still learning”) and explaining that the blog will help “focus and challenge my teaching practice while helping me maintain balance, process new information, and stretch my creativity”.

The site wasn’t self hosted but rather used the Blogger platform.

The site joined the family on the 19th May 2022.

Types of Content

Some of the more popular categories were focused on professional development, literacy, classroom community and of course, fun!

Some examples of the posts are:

  • Staying Connected – a study of resources to help keep up with the industry and community.
  • Our Classroom Library – a detailed tour of her classroom library.
  • For the Love of Multiage – a discussion on teaching in a multi-age classroom.
  • Music for Educators (Vol. 1) – a selection of videos that can be used to add fun music to a classroom.

It’s important to remember that this site focused on the love of education, and the growth of children into well rounded human beings.

Our class. Our Kingdom. Dragons slain daily.

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