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Stephen Curry´s masterclass is a must for any basketball player. He takes you through the training program that turned him into an exceptional shooter, ball-handler, and world-class player.

You can be the basketball player you want to be

At 6 ft 3 in (1.91 m), he is not short. But, most pro players are far taller. So, he has had to work harder to own the court.

Yet, this has not held Steph Curry back. In fact, it is a big part of his success. For years, people were telling him that he could not play at a pro-level. He took that negativity and turned it on its head. It made him determined to prove everyone wrong.

Something he has certainly done. He has already won 29 awards, in just 11 years as a pro player. The list includes being an NBA All-Star 6 times. His rise up the ranks has been remarkable.

So, unsurprisingly he starts his masterclass by explaining you are in control. You decide how good a player you will be. All you have to do is to put the work, get your mechanics right and practice until everything you need to becomes second-nature.

Step-by-step Steph Curry shows you each movement. Then shares with you a series of exercises to hone each of them. Basically, this basketball masterclass shows you how to become the best possible player.

There’s one thing that all great shooters have in common and that is complete control over their mechanics. That´s not something you are born with; you have to practice it.

Stephen Curry Teaches Shooting, Ball-handling, and Scoring on

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What do you get with Steph Curry’s Masterclass?

A complete 12-phase training plan

One of the best things about this course is the in-depth training exercises Stephen provides. In his workbook, he has created 12 phased training sessions. They are designed to take any player from zero to expert. Intermediate players will find these training plans to be particularly useful.

You are only going to get this level of detailed training plan from a professional coach. As a result, the course immediately pays for itself

An overview of basketball stance, alignment, and mechanics

As with most sports, laying a firm foundation is key to success. So, Stephen starts with the basics. For example, by explaining that all 10 toes need to be aligned and facing the hoop. His is an in-depth, very carefully thought out way of teaching.

Stephen´s masterclass is designed to be dipped in and out of. It really is like having a top-class coach by your side.

In this video he shows you how to do the following:

  • Shoot from the ground up
  • The right way to load your lower body
  • How to avoid lower body stance and mechanics mistakes
  • The right way to position your hands
  • Where to aim when shooting
  • How to release the basketball smoothly and avoid the most common mistakes players make

Stephen Curry´s basketball practice drills

Being great in competition means relentlessly focusing on the small things.

Stephen Curry Basketball Masterclass

If you do not practice you will get far in any sport. But, it needs to be done the right way. If it is not all you will be doing is ingraining those bad habits that are holding you back.

Unlearning poor stance, shooting, and ball-handling techniques is extremely hard work. It is something Steph Curry had to do himself. It took him months to learn not to catapult from the waist. A technique he had developed to compensate for the fact he was shorter than the average basketball player.

So, any player, especially those who are just starting out needs to learn the right way and practice. At each stage in his course, Stephen pauses and provides you with practice drills that target what you have just learned.

You have to get in the gym and put a ball in your hands and work on your mechanics every day. If you can commit to doing that, you can be as great as you wannabe.

Stephen Curry

Shooting off the catch

Being ready to catch the ball and shoot immediately in one smooth movement is essential. Basketball is an extremely fast-paced game, nano-seconds count. Good mechanics will make sure you are shot-ready by the time the ball reaches you.

Stephen Curry’s Masterclass lessons

Ball handling foundations, on the move and overloading

Being able to handle the ball and control it is fundamental. Without that skill, it is impossible to get where you need to be on the court, defend or shoot and score.

Stephen splits this skill up into 3 distinct videos, they are:

  • Ball-handling: foundations
  • Ball-handling: on the move
  • Ball-handling: overloading
stephen curry masterclass review

How to have your basketball on a string for perfect control

During these 3 videos he explains the following:

  • the correct dribble height
  • how to put power into your dribble for better control
  • getting started with walking ball-dribbling drills
  • how to build your dribbling speed gradually
  • common dribbling mistakes and how to avoid them
  • dribble practice exercises

In all of these videos, Stephen focuses on body position. He reminds you of what position you need to be on and does so in detail. Sometimes to what may sound like a crazy level. For example, making sure that you do not move your nose too much during certain exercises. If you are doing that your head is in the wrong position, which means your weight is not properly distributed.

In the workbook, he provides a step-by-step ball handling guide. It is designed so that players of all levels can follow and benefit from it.

In his shot-ready video, he shows you how to:

  • Catch the ball shot-ready
  • Move your body to meet the ball
  • Maintain a consistent ball path
  • Common catching and shooting mistakes and how to avoid them

Shooting off the dribble

Shooting off the dribble is a little more complex. There are far more variables that need to be understood.

So, Stephen spends more time on this subject. Over the course of 2 videos he takes you through the following:

  • achieving the correct pickup form for the right and left hand
  • how to dribble hard into the shot
  • the right way to bring the ball across your body
  • pickup form shooting
  • use good mechanics to grow your confidence
  • four-way pickup shooting
  • transition jumpers
  • ball overloading exercises with 2 basketballs or a basketball and a tennis ball

He packs a huge amount into these videos. For example, he shows you how to avoid reaching down, just before your shot, which takes power out of your body and ruins your stance.

steph curry masterclass dribble

This part of the video is done in both slow and real speed motion. It is a great teaching technique, which enables you to truly understand what you need to do. Everything is covered from the position of your feet to that of your eyes.

At the end of each video, he reviews what he has just taught you. Bringing everything together into one fluid lesson. Short, to the point and really easy to follow. There are also several film sessions in these videos, which again reinforces what you have just learned.

How to create space and beat your defender

Being able to beat a defender is also essential. It does not matter how versatile and good a player you are if you can´t get past them you can´t contribute effectively to the game or score.

  • how to read your defender´s feet, nose, and hands
  • how to create the space to be able to get a shot off
  • making your defender react to you instead of the other way around
  • how to force your defender to shift their weight
  • effective ways to deal with tight defenders
  • how to create space by pushing your defender to react

This is quite a complex section. So, the film sessions Curry provides to back up what he has just shown you are particularly useful.

The fundamentals of ball screens

Working as a team is essential. Ball screens are a very important part of doing this. It is a complex subject, which I kind of wish Stephen had covered in more detail. Hopefully, he will do what some of the other masterclass expert instructors have done and he will create a 2nd course too to cover things in even more detail.

However, you are still going to learn plenty from the 2 videos he dedicates to this subject. Here is a summary of what you will learn:

  • the timing of the screen
  • understanding your ball screen options
  • how to stay tight to your screen to reduce your defender’s options
  • when and how to reject the screen
  • how to survey the floor
  • how to practice the pick and roll concept using a chair
  • how to create a driving lane on the basketball court
  • how to learn from film-clips of the ball screens of others
  • using off screens – curl, pop and fade
  • what floaters are and how to use them

The curl pop and fade video is particularly informative. It takes things to the next level, which helps you to better understand how to read the court and respond effectively.

Scoring at the rim

Being able to shoot consistently, using either hand, is an essential skill. As is being able to recognize where you are in relation to the basket and the defense. You need to be able to protect the ball, stay in lane and handle being pushed out of your planned approach.

This is all covered in one video, which breaks down like this:

  • Be under control
  • Always be shot-ready
  • Protect the ball with your opposite shoulder
  • Check the game clock—the amount of time left on the countdown will determine the pace at which you should develop the play
  • Cultivate a proficient basketball IQ that helps you overcome the defense’s strategy

Pre-game preparation

Preparing yourself mentally for competition is essential. Stephen takes you through the basics of doing this.

He also explains how he prepares physically for a game. How he activates himself. You get to see his whole warm-up process.

Using film t-o hone your technique

“Film never lies”, so watching and rewatching clips of yourself and others playing will teach you a huge amount. Throughout his masterclass, Stephen pauses and takes you through clips that demonstrate what he has just taught you. It is a very effective way to learn. Refreshingly, he does not shy away from sharing his mistakes as well as when he gets it exactly right.

stephen curry masterclass

Steph Curry Masterclass Top 3 Practical Tips

  • To maximize the quickest release possible, lock it on the path your ball takes from your catch ready position to your final release point. That’s how you can shoot well wether is in the paint or deep 3 area.
  • When you catch and you’re ready to shoot, look for space where the net and the rim meet, put that basketball right on those hooks.
  • Use your defender’s body position to attack when they are the weakest. Pay attention to how they establish their lead foot and attack when their position is driving you with enough leverage.

Why Stephen Curry´s basketball masterclass is so good

I´ve used my all-access pass to take just over half of the 80 odd masterclasses that are available on the platform. There is no way I could have afforded to do this by buying each course individually.

The all-access pass gives you full access to every single masterclass, for the same price you would pay if you had taken two individual courses. Buying it enables you to really explore and feed your curiosity.

Using masterclass, I´ve learned how to cook, gained an insider’s view of the film and music industries and found out how the world´s most successful businessmen and women operate. Plus, much more besides. Something I would never have been able to do without my all-access pass, So, I highly recommend treating yourself to one.

The thing is doing this has enabled me to recognize a good course and teacher when I see one. Stephen offers the best masterclass on the platform. He is an exceptional teacher.

His instructions are clear, concise and his delivery is carefully paced. He also provides a range of different learning materials and techniques. This enables you to learn in a way that is best for you.

Stephen Curry´s Masterclass Pros

  • An overview of basketball stance, alignment, and mechanics
  • Practical tips to speed up your game
  • Insight into Steph Curry basketball philosophy and practice drills
  • Motivation and preparation advice from a two-time MVP

Stephen Curry’s Masterclass Cons

  • As a practical Masterclass, it could be complicated to follow Curry’s instructions and practice all at the same time

Stephen Curry´s basketball masterclass pdf

The workbook that comes with this masterclass is exceptionally good. It covers everything that is in the video and the quality of the information does not tail off as it does with some of the ones other instructors have provided.

There are also extra resources. For example, court diagrams that show the various positions from which you can practice each drill.

Who is Stephen Curry´s basketball masterclass for?

This masterclass is ideal for any kind of player. Anyone who takes the course and applies what they have learned will greatly improve their game. But it is especially good for the following kinds of people:

  • Beginner basketball players – getting the fundamentals right is essential, this basketball masterclass does exactly that
  • Advanced and pro players – you can always improve on what you are already doing, so even advanced players will gain insights from taking this masterclass
  • Basketball fans – gaining an insight into the game is something every fan wants to do, so I am sure this course will delight any fan
  • Basketball coaches – potentially a coach could use this masterclass as the framework of what they teach. It is ideal for someone who is just beginning their coaching career or is interested in becoming

Now, I don´t fit into any of the above categories, but I still really enjoyed this masterclass. It was excellent. I learned enough about the game of basketball to want to start watching it and it bought it home to me just how important consistent effort and practice are for anything you want to achieve in life.

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