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Robin Roberts is a world-renowned journalist. She knows how to communicate and connect with all kinds of people. In her Masterclass, she teaches you how to do the same.

Who is your teacher Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts is an award-winning journalist and broadcaster. She started her career working as a DJ on a local radio show. Soon, Robin switched to sports journalism and broadcasting and made her way to the top of that profession.

During that time, she was repeatedly asked to become a show anchor. Eventually, Robin took the leap and joined the Good Morning America team. At that point, she became one of America´s most beloved and respected journalists.

What you will get out of Robin Robert´s Masterclass

I cannot think of any line of work where you are not going to benefit by learning how to communicate effectively and authentically.

Robin Roberts Communication Masterclass

Clearly, if you want to be a journalist or broadcaster, this Masterclass has a huge amount to offer you. During it, Robin explains what you need to do to succeed in these fields. Including practical advice about how to build the skills you need. For example, there is a whole section that covers how to interview people.

However, this course also has a lot to offer practically everyone.

Being a journalist has taught Robin, how to be an effective communicator. That is what this masterclass is really all about – becoming someone who knows how to connect with others. How to be seen and heard. A skill that every single person can benefit from learning, which is one reason I think that taking this course will benefit most people.

This is great, but occasionally I felt overwhelmed by the amount she was sharing. At times, she got quite tearful. Given what she was sharing at the time this was understandable. But, I found myself distracted by this and struggled to follow all of the points she was making in those sections of the course.

During her life, Robin has gone through some challenging times. For example, she has already dealt with two episodes of serious illness. So, unsurprisingly, she took the chance to share how to have a positive mindset with her audience.

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The pros and cons of Robin Roberts´masterclass

Overall this is a good masterclass and I sincerely believe that most people will get a lot out of taking it. Regardless of who you are, you will learn how to become a better communicator. It will also help you to develop a more positive way of looking at things so that you can achieve more.

Robin is a warm and engaging person. So, she is very easy to listen to. One of the main reasons for this is that she is not afraid to share who she is and how she feels.

Be ready to share and embrace vulnerability

Robin believes that vulnerability is a strength. Being prepared to share your fears, faults and personal feelings makes you open up to the other person. Often, they will reciprocate. Once that happens, you end up being able to have a more honest conversation with them.

But at points, I felt a bit overwhelmed. She became very emotional, tearful even when talking about certain aspects of her life. Given the things she was sharing this was understandable.

Unfortunately, I could not personally communicate with people I did not know well in that way. So, at one point, I thought there would be no way I could use what I was learning from Robin in my own life. However, if you feel the same way, don´t worry. Because, as I found out there is still plenty you can learn from the second half of her masterclass.

How to make an authentic connection with others

Not being afraid to be vulnerable is a bit part of being able to make a genuine connection with other people. But, as you will see when you take Robin´s course, it is only a part of the story.

Nothing is going to get you further along than to be able to connect with other people.

Robin Roberts Teaches Effective and Authentic Communication

You really need to take a genuine interest in the other person. To want to understand them and hear what they have to say.

Most of us are already naturally curious about other people´s lives. That is why reality shows are so compelling and have such a big following. So, we are actually already interested in people. But, the thing is that most of us don´t do is listen. Really listen. Not just sit there thinking about what you are going to say when they stop speaking. Instead of digesting what they are saying and asking further exploratory questions.

The fact that most of us do this is why the few people who do so are such effective communicators. Having someone show a genuine interest in us is refreshing. We are drawn to that person. A kind of bond is formed and we want to hear what they have to say. We become more open to their ideas and thoughts as well.

How to be an effective public speaker

I am not a great public speaker and sincerely hope I will never have to do it again. But, these days, in many roles, it is unavoidable. You are expected to be able to make presentations, teach, and sell. If you can´t do that your chances of landing a job and progressing within an organization will be limited.

In this section Robin explains how to:

  • research and understand your audience
  • engage with your audience
  • learn to speak using prompt cards rather than relying on a full-length script
  • keep your speech on track
  • keep things simple
  • cope if things fall flat
  • learn to enunciate better
  • be present and have fun
  • use power posing the right way

How to use effective communication to stand out and land a job

We all need to work, so knowing how to interview well is an essential life skill. Robin covers that subject in detail. But, mostly in the workbook rather than the video.

However, in the video, she does share several innovative ways you can get close to people who could give you a job. To circumvent some of the barriers you will encounter if you were to try to follow the standard routes to find a job. As well as several other important tips that will ensure you are in the right place at the right time. For example, her “proximity is power” approach.

Talk to successful people who are doing what you want to do. Listen to them. But don´t want to be them, be you.

Robin Roberts Teaches Effective and Authentic Communication Masterclass

Using your communication skills to progress in the workplace

For Robin, standing still is not an option. She is always looking to build her skills and use them to explore and progress within the workplace.

Good communication can help you to do that in so many different ways. For example, being a good listener and taking an interest in everyone enables you to better understand the needs of the business. How it works, what is missing, so you can come up with ways you can fill those gaps and play a more important role.

In this video, Robin explains:

  • know your worth
  • show them that you deserve the raise or promotion you are asking for
  • align your goals with those of your company
  • build strong working relationships
  • identify and develop allies

Why would you let fear keep you from your destiny?

Robin Roberts

A look behind the scenes of Good Morning America

I enjoyed this video and think most people will too. To be honest, I didn´t learn anything about becoming a better communicator, from this video. Although her tip about using your tone to better reflect the story was an interesting one.

How to interview people for TV

  • How to do your pre-interview research
  • Learn to properly listen to the person you are interviewing
  • Easy ways to make the person you are interviewing comfortable

Over the years, Robin has interviewed hundreds of people. Many of them have been ordinary people. But during her Good Morning America career, she has mainly interviewed famous people. During this section of her Masterclass she uses the following live interviews to demonstrate some of the lessons she has just shared about conducting TV interviews:

  • Selma Blair
  • Michele Obama
  • President Obama

Living your life with optimism and resiliency

At first, I thought what on earth has this video got to do with communication. In fact, I nearly skipped this class. But, I am glad didn´t. It was Very thought-provoking and for me personally quite beneficial. The thing that struck me the most was the way in which changing how you think about something drastically changes the way you act.

That, in turn, changes how you are perceived by others. Becoming an optimistic and more resilient person actually does have an impact on how effective a communicator you are. People are drawn to positivity to people who keep on moving forward regardless.

Not to mention the fact that learning to think like this has other benefits.

Optimism is like a muscle that gets stronger the more you use it. I make it a habit. I choose to be optimistic.

Robin Roberts –

Robin Roberts masterclasss workbook pdf download

As you can see from my masterclass review the workbooks are a great asset. You get access to one with each course.

I was delighted by the one Robin provides. She covers everything she shares in the videos and provides even more tips.

I took this course as part of the Masterclass pass deal I got. That pass enables me to take every one of the 80+ courses they currently offer, plus any new ones they add.

If you want to take Robin´s course, I recommend that you do it that way rather than buy it as an individual course. The all-access pass option definitely offers the best value for money.

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