Jimmy Chin Masterclass Review

Adventure photography and filmmaking requires a special skill set, which Jimmy Chin teaches you in his masterclass. He demonstrates how to get those seemingly impossible shots while climbing, trail running, skiing off-piste and taking part in other extreme sports. This photography masterclass is not just for those who take photos or film of adventure sports. […]

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Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein masterclass review

The world of advertising is a fascinating one and you won´t find better guides to it than Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein. They have decades of experience which they share in a way any business person can benefit from. Who are Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein? Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein have decades of experience […]

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Chris Voss Masterclass Review

Being a good negotiator brings many benefits. It enables you to get what you need in your personal life as well as at work. Chris Voss´masterclass, teaches you how to use empathy to improve your negotiating skills. Update: Masterclass is currently doing a buy 1 gift 1 promotion. Well worth checking out! Literally, anyone will […]

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Gabriela Cámara Masterclass Review

Gabriela Cámara´s Mexican food masterclass is a must for anyone who loves food. She reveals the best way to make masa, tortillas, tacos, quesadillas, tamales and other classic Mexican dishes. A little bit about your teacher Gabriela Cámara If you are from the US, and like Mexican food, then the chances are you already know […]

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson Masterclass Review

Neil deGrasse Tyson´s masterclass is a highly stimulating course that will make you think differently. It provides an insight into the latest scientific findings and astronomy. As well as showing you how to communicate effectively. Using my all-access pass, I have taken more than half of the 70+ masterclasses that are available. They have all […]

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2 Skillshare-Vs-Masterclass

Skillshare vs Masterclass

There are several really good online learning platforms available. But, which one is the right for you? Here we compare two of the best; Skillshare and Masterclass. Update: Masterclass is currently doing a buy 1 gift 1 promotion, but it will end soon, and Skillshare is currently offering 2 months free. Both online learning platforms […]

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Bobbi Brown Masterclass Review

Whether you are a make-up artist or just someone who wants to look their best Bobbi Brown´s masterclass is for you. Her simple, yet effective approach to makeup is all you need to know. No matter whether you currently wear a lot of makeup or rarely wear any, this masterclass is for you. What Bobbi […]

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David Sedaris Masterclass Review

People love stories, especially funny ones. Tell them well and people will listen to you and come back for more. David Sedaris’ masterclass shows you how to master the art of storytelling, in many different forms. The skills he teaches are not just for writers or stand-up comics. Although they will learn a huge amount. […]

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Misty Copeland Masterclass Review

In her masterclass, Misty Copeland shares a simple way to approach ballet technique. She shows her students how to embrace who they are to bring a high level of artistry to their performance. A little about your teacher Misty Copeland Whether you are a fan of ballet or not, the chances are you will have […]

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Bob Iger Masterclass Review

Disney CEO, Bob Iger’s Business Strategy and Leadership Masterclass is a must for anyone who runs their own company. Having led a multi-billion dollar business he provides insights you will not find elsewhere. How to quickly grow any business Bob Igor has spent all of his working life in the media sector. He started at […]

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