Masterclass VS Review: Which One Is Right for Your Needs

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Masterclass vs – Introduction

With technology advancing, more people working from home and being online, and the effect the pandemic had on education, it’s becoming easier and easier to get quality education online, on your own time, and from the comfort of your home.

Thanks to this quickly emerging market with increasing demand, there are a variety of software developers who have created top-notch online learning courses, platforms, and software.

This makes keeping up-to-date with your industry knowledge, learning a new skill, or even getting a new degree obtainable and efficient. 

With a variety of learning platforms out there, we’re comparing two of the top – Masterclass vs Masterclass is one that comes up at the top of the list when looking for short courses.

And although Masterclass is rightfully popular, it might not be for everyone which is why we’re comparing it with – an online learning platform that uses similar types of videos for a different audiences.

What to look for in an online learning platform

Not all online learning platforms are made equally and if you’re getting ready to invest time, money, and energy into a course, it’s essential you are sure it’s the right course for you. 


While most sites provide a certification once you finish a course, not all are accredited. Depending on your motivation for completing a course, double-check their (credited) certification process. Strong course certification is always a great plus to add to your CV, as well! 

Good Quality Content

Of course, you don’t want to waste your time on a course that isn’t well-made or well-presented. While having experts in a certain field present their topic is great and promising, what they present won’t mean much unless the course and content are well structured and the audio/video is professionally done.


You can have the greatest courses on a platform but if the interface is not user-friendly, intuitive, or runs smoothly, the quality of that course goes down.

Save time and energy by making sure the interface is easy for you to use.  

Number Of Languages A Course Is Given In

Although English is a growing second language around the world, it might not be the one you are most comfortable learning in.

Research if the platform has the course subtitled or even dubbed in your native or target language to make sure you get the most out of your learning experience. 


Masterclass is an online learning platform that has classes from celebrities and experts in a variety of different courses ranging from wellness and sports to entertainment and cooking.

From space experts and professional chefs to political activists and top musicians, there is bound to be a Masterclass that you can enjoy. 


Masterclass doesn’t offer certification for their courses once it’s completed, but they do send a congratulatory email that confirms the course was completed. 

Good Quality Content 

Masterclass is known for its “good quality content”. The structure of the courses is easy to use and learn.

What really gets them a gold star is that the course videos are notably well-shot and produced thanks to stellar audio and video setup.

The courses are also ranging in length – some are 10-minutes long while others are six 1-hour videos. 


Masterclass has a very user-friendly and simple interface. Courses can be done on the computer or via the Masterclass app (which can download courses for you) on your phone or tablet which makes it extra convenient.

Masterclass is also working on doing a select few live class options along with its pre-recorded videos. 

Number Of Languages A Course Is Given In

Courses are all provided in English (unless it’s specifically a language course) with English subtitles. There are a select few courses that have German or Spanish subtitles. However, the majority are entirely in English. 

Masterclass puts itself apart from a lot of the online course platforms since it’s given by popular celebrities and experts in their field and gives insights into their success. 

Drawbacks of Masterclass

Masterclass lacks variety when it comes to the courses offered. While it does have a great number of courses available, it’s not as comprehensive as other platforms.

While the courses it does have are comprehensive, they’re also broad in their overall output of a course when it comes to learning.

Those who are looking for a more in-depth look at specific technical skills or ideas would need to use a different platform.


Similar to Masterclass in its goal, partners with celebrities and experts in a variety of fields to create modern online classes that you can learn to create from.


While there is no certification to show off on your resume, these courses are designed to be beyond just videos.

Thanks to the creative aspect of these courses every student should end the course with a “physical” project which can demonstrate the skills and abilities they honed in during the course. 

Good Quality Content 

A great advantage of compared to other online learning platforms is that each video is designed to resonate with its field. For instance, a music class is done in a music studio, or a cooking class is done in a kitchen. 

Most courses run for four weeks and they have a waitlist to showcase upcoming classes.

While also lets you complete the courses on your own time, it’s not at your own pace. Each course starts and ends on a specific date so there is no rolling enrollment.

Even though different students are completing different tasks in a course at different hours during the day, all students are completing the same projects and watching the same videos day by day.

This enables these courses to interact more with peers and feedback. The idea is to have the benefits of learning in person with the flexibility of your own hours and from the comfort of your own home. 

Interface’s interface is straightforward and easy to use. However, they have a quick-to-respond chat option, too, in case you run into any problems. All of their videos are pre-recorded – never live. 

Number Of Languages A Course Is Given In

Unfortunately, all of the courses at the moment are offered only in English. While there are subtitles, they are also only in English. 

Drawbacks of definitely has fewer videos and courses offered than Masterclass (at least at the moment since it’s a newer platform).

This means it has less variety and fewer professionals working with them. However, that doesn’t mean the videos they do have aren’t also great courses. 

This point isn’t necessarily an overall drawback but it might deter some people from joining – prides itself on bringing out your creative side.

That means they don’t have a wide variety of courses from many fields but rather courses more focused on cooking, music, and art. 

Masterclass vs Studio – Conclusion

Overall Comparison – Masterclass vs

Studio vs masterclass courses is advantageously comparable with their celebrity and expert-filled videos, their professional backdrops and video/audio work, and their easy-to-use interfaces. 

Both platforms also bill monthly and allow unlimited access to all of the videos during that period – the difference is that has you sign up for the class due to limited availability and recommends you only take one class at a time. Neither platform currently offers certification options, either. 

The biggest differences when comparing masterclass vs are that is more interactive while Masterclass is more at your own pace and individualistic.

They also aim to be different in style – is meant to bring out your more creative side in a stricter time-constrained course while Masterclasses come in a variety of course styles with a variation in the course lengths

Conclusion – Masterclass vs Studio

While both platforms can be a great way to learn new skills and develop yourself, each platform has a key takeaway that could make or break your decision to use it. 

Masterclass is a better choice overall if you’re looking for video courses that you take at your own leisure or are looking for a course on a business or political topic is the better choice when it comes to getting creative and making something physically out of your class such as having written a new song or becoming practiced in cooking a new cuisine. 

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