Learn Guitar on YouTube: Top 12 Channels for Beginners

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Want to pick up the guitar online but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered.

Learn guitar on YouTube and become a master in no time with a variety of videos from a variety of players around the world.

While Masterclasses are great because they’re taught by celebrities and professionals, YouTube is taught by everyday people who have hours of video and guidance waiting to be watched by you.

Plus, it’s free which is great after shelling out a lot of extra cash for a guitar, a guitar case, extra strings, a capo, a metronome, an amp, and guitar picks. Learn guitar on YouTube for free with these top videos and channels. 

FAQs Section

Can you really learn guitar from YouTube?

Absolutely. If you put your mind to it, anything is possible, right? 

Is it as easy as learning guitar in person? That depends on your motivation and your learning style. 

The great thing about YouTube compared to an in-person guitar lesson is that you can play the video and practice the same 5 notes as much as you want for as long as you want until you feel you got the 5 notes down right. Your learning, your way

Who is the most popular guitar teacher on YouTube?

While online popularity contests are ever-changing, one name remains popular throughout time on YouTube when it comes to learning guitar – Marty Schwartz

What makes him so popular? He regularly posts song tutorials and guitar lessons. He also uses a variety of guitars from electric to acoustic and provides great content for beginners and intermediate players alike.

What is the best way to teach yourself guitar?

Start with the basics of the guitar and learn about the instrument, how it works, and its history. 

Create an ideal learning environment that is conducive to your learning – make sure to get a comfortable chair or stool that encourages good posture and always have a water bottle ready to drink from.

Also, get a stand for your guitar (in the next step) to prominently display it and make sure it’s not out-of-sight-out-of-mind and you’re always reminded to practice and play it.

Feel free to add some inspirational decor around the area to get your mind in the zone when you’re practicing. 

After that, find a guitar that is right for you – size, acoustic, electric, for example. 

After taking time to get your chords and strumming down, practice, practice, practice by learning songs on paper and/or by ear to expand your song repertoire.

You can also learn with other new players (find a local group to practice) or attend some jam sessions. 

The most important thing to keep in mind when teaching yourself guitar is that making mistakes is okay and patience is necessary. Practice and keep practicing, but don’t forget to take a breath and be nice to yourself when you do. 

Why Choose to Learn Guitar on YouTube

Youtube has some of the best guitar learning videos on the web thanks to everyone uploading their own videos with their own creative content. Some teach you how to play basic things, 


YouTube is an endless world of content and it gets more and more targeted to your specific wants the more you use it which makes it easy to find content that you’re looking for at the touch of a button from millions of users. 


While there are some great classic teachers on YouTube, many new or unknown ones might be precisely what you’re looking for, too.

Rather than searching for a teacher, search for a topic – for example, flamenco guitar for beginners – and you will find a myriad of teachers pop up that will teach flamenco guitar for beginners on YouTube. 


Compared to courses from Coursera or Masterclass, YouTube is 100% free (unless you pay for premium which isn’t required to use the service). And although they have some great content with artists like Timbaland, it’s hard to beat free. 

Where to Learn Guitar on YouTube

With an endless supply of teachers and videos, it’s hard to decide where to learn guitar on YouTube and which channels and videos to spend your time on. We did the dirty work for you and found the best channels depending on your need. 

Best Youtube Channels for Learning Guitar on YouTube

The Best Youtube Channels for Basic Guitar and Knowledge

Marty Schwartz is one of the best YouTube guitar teachers and is going to appear and reappear throughout this guide so let’s cover some other names – although, he makes the top of the list. 

Another great YouTube channel for learning guitar is Ben Eller’s ‘This Is Why You Suck at Guitar’. This is great for guitarists who casually learned the guitar and have some bad habits or for those who have musical experience but are learning the guitar.

He covers different topics to stop bad habits that form while learning and playing guitar.  

​​If you’re looking for something more advanced or varied, Justin Guitar’s YouTube channel is a great place to spend some time. He has music theory, short lessons and longer lessons, scale practicing tips, and more on his channel.

He also has videos on how to play acoustic, electric, and ukulele guitars. His channel is full of ways to improve your playing, guitar knowledge, or music theory in just minutes. Plus, he’s encouraging when it comes to difficult chords and knowledge so you feel better during the video. 

The Best Youtube Channels for Learning to Improvise 

Improvising is no easy task and Steve Stine breaks it down. His video on improvising on the pentatonic scale is a great way to start your journey to improvisation.  

The Best Youtube Channels for Guitar Riffing

If you picked up the guitar to riff and jam, take a look at Rick Graham’s YouTube channel. He breaks down riffs into small, digestible chunks and introduces different techniques to help you improve your riffing.

He also has shredding and arpeggio training videos that are great exercises for your hand, body, and mind. He makes his videos great for beginner to advanced players alike – everyone can learn something from his videos regardless of level. 

You can also check out R.J. Ronquillo, a Nashville guitar pro, who breaks down simple riffing for intermediate players. 

Best YouTube Channel to Expand Your Guitar Repertoire

Fender Play LIVE features free YouTube episodes on a weekly basis showcasing how to play different songs with players of all levels.

These videos explore different techniques to use when playing different musical genres and give tips and tricks that the experienced players offer to help each player, regardless of their level, become a better player.

If you are a classical or pop musician, take a look at Nate Savage’s Guitareo YouTube channel. He teaches about the blues, rhythm, and lead guitar.

His videos are incredibly structured and he gives little tidbits about the guitar throughout his videos. Nate’s website offers a paid subscription but his YouTube channel also has great free material.

If you’re an upper beginner or intermediate player and have some music theory under your belt, hop onto Glen Rose’s YouTube channel to get some jazz in your style.

Glen does a great job of creating a connection between playing the guitar and applying basic concepts to jazz making it less intimidating to become a jazz musician. 

Best YouTube Beginner Guitar Lessons

Going back to the FAQ question of what is the best way to teach yourself guitar, keep those steps in mind while following these steps. 

Learn the basics and setup of a guitar (here’s a great video series for that) and then move on to learning how to play notes and strum with and without a guitar pick (check out this YouTube page for that step). 

After that, get into chords and basic music theory with this video

When you’re ready to get playing, Guitar Jamz with Marty Schwartz is the place to go. He’s great for beginners because he goes at a slower pace to help you get a solid foundation and grip on the instrument.

While it’s mostly him in the videos, he does bring in guests on occasion to spice things up and offer different techniques and advice. He also demonstrates everything he talks about so you understand it to a ‘T’. 

Best Guitar Lessons on YouTube

The best for me may not be the best for you. So we chose the best guitar lessons for beginners and intermediate players on YouTube to help you make the best choice for you. 

If you’re a beginner, check out GuitarJamz with Marty Schwartz. He breaks things down slowly and gives examples of everything he explains in his videos to give you a full idea of the lesson. 

If you’re an intermediate player, take time to study with Justin Guitar. He provides great tips about the guitar, and different length videos (very short to very long), and teaches about different types of guitars from ukulele to acoustic to electric so you can transfer your skills from one to another easily. 


Regardless of how great you are at guitar, it’s easy to pick one up, go to YouTube and find the right course for you. Strum away! 

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