How Cardamom Can Help With Memory Loss

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It’s not an old wives tale, cardamom is a wonderful spice for helping with memory loss when incorporated into your diet on a regular basis. Apparently, just a quarter of a teaspoon of cardamom mixed with honey can have a positive impact on your memory. 

Cardamom is high in magnesium, calcium, and potassium as well as being a brilliant antioxidant. Use it in food too as an additional spice. Ok, we get it, it is very healthy. 

But what if you can’t stand cardamom, should you miss out on all the health benefits that comes with it? Of course not! There are lots of substitutes you can have that are just as good. Check out the information here if you would rather use a cardamom substitute to help with your memory issues and improve your health. 

Spices That Improve Your General Health

If you would rather go down the natural route to boost your immune system and improve health conditions, there are plenty of spices that can give you a helping hand. Below is a bit of information about what certain spices do to improve your health. We aren’t saying go to town on spices instead of medicine, but incorporating a balanced diet full of natural remedies and any medication prescribed to you from the Dr is a brilliant combination. 


Cinnamon can be used in coffee, savory foods, and deserts, so the potential is endless. For people suffering from high blood sugar, cinnamon is a spice that can aid in lowering it when consumed frequently. 

Those of you suffering from high blood sugar should avoid using cinnamon as a remedy in deserts as they are full of sugar. Instead, sprinkle cinnamon on your morning latte or make a hearty bowl of pumpkin and cinnamon soup. 


Have you heard of turmeric lattes? Your local coffee shop has probably started selling turmeric lattes in the last year or so and unless you knew about its benefits you wouldn’t dream of ordering it. 

Turmeric improves stomach inflammation and general bowel discomfort. That is not all, it has been reported to help with memory loss, and has been trialed on Alzheimer’s patients in a scientific memory loss study.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a spicy pepper most commonly used in Mexican dishes. Celebrities have been known to drink it with honey during their fad diet spurts, but what does it actually do? Cayenne pepper relieves pain, which is strange seeing as it is a spicy pepper.

The point here isn’t to have spoonfuls of spices and wait for miracles to happen, that would be most naive of us. You will get the most out of the spices when they are used in your cooking on a regular basis. Being aware of the food we eat and what we are using to flavor it is the best way for us to look after ourselves from the inside out.

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