Daniel Negreanu Masterclass Review – Best For Beginners?

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If you want to learn how to go from poker novice to skilled player as soon as possible, Daniel Negreanu Masterclass Review is for you.

This in-depth online poker course will teach you everything you need to know.

Daniel Negreanu Masterclass Review

Your Poker Instructor, Daniel Negreanu Masterclass Review

Daniel Negreanu had already won six World Series of Poker bracelets and two World Poker Tours, before making this poker masterclass.

At the time of my writing this review, in 2024, he was the 2nd biggest live poker tournament winner. He has already won nearly $42 million, playing in tournaments. Daniel is also greatly respected by his peers.

He is the only player to have been awarded the WSOP Player of the Year award twice and was inducted into the Poker Hall of fame in 2014.

Daniel Negreanu Masterclass is for you – if you want to learn to think like a pro player.

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The content of Daniel Negreanu’s Poker Masterclass

Normally, when I write these reviews I take you through practically every video. This approach ensures that you really understand what you are getting when you buy a specific online masterclass.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at things Daniel’s poker masterclass consists of 38 videos, which range from a few minutes to 30 minutes long.

This is great. It is an indication that you are buying a poker course that goes into a lot of detail. With this course, he definitely, provides value for money and then some. But, it also means that I cannot go through virtually every video, which is what I normally do with my masterclass reviews. If I did that, you would be here all day reading, instead of honing your poker skills.

So, instead, I am just going to tell you about the highlights, only going into more detail for the top-rated videos in this course. That is to say, the lessons other students voted as the most useful.

Daniel Negreanu’s Poker Masterclass

Clear poker instruction for beginners and experienced players

If you are a beginner, this poker course is perfect for you. Daniel does not use complex language or go too deeply into the math.

Naturally, he covers it. But, sticks to the most important principles. He shows you how to make the calculations you need to do 2nd nature, as easy and natural as breathing. So, practically anyone can pick up what they need to know and quickly become a much better player.

Easily navigate Negreanu poker masterclass

It is very well laid out too. You can easily find the plays and methods you want to learn about. This course is far easier to dip in and out of than some of the other masterclass.com courses are.

Months after taking it, you will be able to easily find what you want and go back over the material. Every single video has a downloadable worksheet. Or, if you want to, you can download everything in one hit as a workbook.

I would say there are benefits to doing this. That way you can see the diagrams in full-scale of which there are quite a few.

Daniel engages all of the senses in his Masterclass.

Negreanu poker masterclass

This is important because the best poker players are very aware of their surroundings and people. They have to learn to really see everything.

To work out what the deck, the pot, the table and more importantly what their opponent is doing. The other thing Daniel makes clear is the need to understand yourself, how you think, feel and act. It is definitely not all about learning hands and plays.

Many less obvious skills must be learned. Throughout the course, he shares tips, tricks, and techniques to help you to develop the self-awareness, discipline, and people reading skills you will need.

Poker playing techniques

This is one of the longest and most in-depth courses available on masterclass.com. There are 38 videos in the course. So, as I said before I can’t go through every single one of them. Instead, below I am going to tell you about the playing technique that your fellow students have already rated as the most useful.

Hand Ranges and Board Texture

This is one of the longest videos in the course, as well as one of the most popular and commented on.

It is clearly one of the most useful of Daniel’s lessons.

In it, Daniel explains how to see all of the possibilities instead of just playing one hand at a time. During the video he covers:

  • How to think ahead
  • Counting combinations within a range of hands
  • Using blockers to narrow down ranges
  • Spotting range advantages
  • Making adjustments to your ranges based on perception
  • How to identify unusual betting patterns to narrow the range
  • Keeping your range balanced
  • Understanding range advantage on dry flops
  • Gaining a range advantage on wet flops

The more accurately you can pinpoint an opponent’s range, the more sophisticated your decisions will be.

More importantly, they will also be far more accurate. There is no doubt that this section of the course is well worth going over several times.

Ranges a full hand review

To help his students to cement what they have just learned in the hand ranges and board texture video Daniel takes them through a full hand.

The hand he has chosen for this is from the $100,000 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Super High Roller tournament. It comes from the final table played during the 2018 tournament.

Understanding game theory and poker math

Understanding game theory and poker math

Understanding game theory and optimizing it is an essential skill for poker players. But, learning when and how to deviate from it will help you to exploit your opponents. In his Masterclass Daniel Negranu shows you how to create this type of hybrid strategy.

Part of knowing when and how to do this is poker math. You need to become really good at doing the following:

  • Quickly calculating pot odds
  • How to calculate fold frequency

Daniel explains both of these in-depth. Finally, he quizzes you to make sure that you have fully understood and started to build these important skills.

This is another long video, which is clearly popular with students who have already taken the course. The workbook goes into a lot of depth too. So, print it off and use it.

Detecting and executing bluffs in poker

Bluffing is an essential skill regardless of what level you play at. Daniel explains how to:

  • Make sure your story is believable
  • How to change your story depending on the hands

The hand reviews are especially good in this video. There are plenty of them scattered throughout his masterclass.

How to mix up your poker strategies

You need a different approach depending on who you play. In this section, Daniel explains how to recognize the type of players you are up against.

He briefly goes through several strategies and shows you which ones work best in each situation.

How to mask your tells while playing poker

How to mask your tells while playing poker

You need to be able to mask your own tells and spot other people’s. Daniel covers both of these subjects, in this part of the course. He explains the following:

  • Reading the eyes of other players and controlling yours
  • Timing tells – spotting and understanding them
  • Spotting and interpreting micro-movements
  • Detecting breathing tells and how to control the way you breathe
  • Betting motions

Daniel even covers the reverse tells. This is important because they are becoming very important in the modern game. A lot of pro-players have developed reverse tells to confuse their opponents.

How to use table talk to learn more

Playing long games requires a crazy level of concentration. So, unsurprisingly a lot of players like to talk a bit, while they play.

Often, while talking they leak information, which means you can learn a lot from table talk.

The practicalities of being a poker player

Daniel believes that if you want to truly succeed as a player you need to treat your playing career as if it were a business. In this video, he explains how to do this.

Off table strategies that make you a better player

Over the years, Daniel, like most of the best poker players in the world, has learned to really look after himself. Players that try to burn the candle at both ends rarely do as well as those who look after themselves physically, mentally and emotionally.

During the course, Daniel shares how he has used the following lifestyle and preparation techniques to turn himself into a happier person as well as a more resilient and effective player:

  • Meditation
  • Visualization
  • Staying physically fit
  • Finding and working within your limits
  • Learning to listen to your body
  • How to maintain focus as a poker player
  • Pre-tournament preparation

Gain additional insight from the community

Being able to ask your questions in the comments section after each video is invaluable regardless of which of the 60+ masterclass.com courses that you take.

It is an especially useful feature for people who are working to learn and improve how they play poker.

Gain additional insight from the community

You can see from the breadth and depth of the questions, that many of the people who have taken Daniel Negreanu’s masterclass are already seasoned players. But, there are also quite a few who are clearly new to the game.

This is great because there is a real mix of questions under each video. You can learn a lot more by reading them. The community is a very strong one too. So, that is another avenue you can use to get your questions answered.

Make full use of Daniel Negreanu’s poker workbook and other assets

There is no doubt that Daniel provides his students with value for money. All of the courses on the masterclass.com platform include a workbook. But, Daniel has gone further.

He is clearly acutely aware that not everyone taking the course will be an experienced player. So, he thoughtfully provides a 2nd download called Poker Fundamentals Guide. I found this extra book to be especially useful.

Daniel Negreanu’s poker workbook

Who is Negreanu’s Masterclass Poker For?

If you do not play or watch poker you are not likely to enjoy this course. But, if you are a poker fan or player, this is a brilliant course.

Players of all levels will find it interesting and informative. But, it is particularly good for people who are still finding their feet in the game.

If you can afford to do so, I would urge you to also take Phil Ivey’s poker masterclass. I have done so and was amazed by the fact the two players take such a different approach to the game. Without a doubt, you are going to become a much better player if you learn from both of them.

The same is true if you like watching poker. You will be able to follow the game easier and pick up far more of what is going on.


Is the Daniel Negreanu MasterClass worth it?

Players of all levels of poker will find Daniel Negreanu Masterclass interesting and informative. But, it is particularly good for people who are still finding their feet in the game.

How much is Daniel Negreanu's MasterClass?

The best way is to take Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey Masterclass with an all-access pass. It costs $180, which is what buying the 2 poker masterclasses separately would cost. But, you can also take the other 60+ masterclasses.

How much does MasterClass cost?

$180 is the price for access to every single course. Masterclass All-access pass enables you to take every single class of the platform for the price you would pay for 2 individual courses. Masterclass is well worth the price.

The breadth and depth of the subjects covered are impressive. They provide everything from cooking classes from Michelin-star chefs to acting lessons provided by Academy winners.

To be a good poker player, you need a sharp mind. So, learning from people who are experts in their field is a fantastic way to spend some of your downtimes or by taking this Daniel Negreanu masterclass review.

Every masterclass has something different to offer and is fascinating in its own way. So far, I have taken 30 of them and not once have I been bored or disappointed. Check For Discounts Here.

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