Cuomo commercial calls testing on Common Core “premature”

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo will be hitting the airwaves soon with a new commercial aimed at addressing the issue of testing on Common Core, and the need to slow down the implementation of the standards.

Here’s the script:

“Hello, I’m Governor Andrew Cuomo. For all of us, there’s nothing more important than our children and their education is everything.

While the state’s new Common Core curriculum is heading in the right direction, testing on it is premature.

It creates anxiety and it’s just unfair. And their scores should not be counted against them.

I won’t let our children’s scores be counted against our kids.

Please tell your legislator to join me in protecting our children.

Because education is about helping our kids, not hurting them.”

Though not a total surprise, the Governor doesn’t offer any suggestions in the commercial as to how he will help “protect” our children. The other interesting aspect of the commercial is that while Cuomo states that students shouldn’t have their test scores count against them under Common Core, he fails to mention whether or not teachers should continue to have their students’ scores count against them.

NYSUT has called for a three-year moratorium on teacher evaluations tied to test results.

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