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Diane Von Furstenberg Masterclass Review

Diane Von Furstenberg’s Masterclass is a must for budding fashion designers. It is also a must for entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to get the most out of their talent. Who is your fashion design instructor Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF) is a remarkable woman, who has succeeded in practically everything she has tried to do […]

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Howard Schultz Masterclass review

Anyone that is serious about business will benefit from taking Howard Schultz´s Business Masterclass. He explains how to start from scratch and lead effectively through tough as well as good times. Why now is a great time to start your own business Now is an enormously exciting time for a young entrepreneur. There are endless […]

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Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein masterclass review

The world of advertising is a fascinating one and you won´t find better guides to it than Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein. They have decades of experience which they share in a way any business person can benefit from. Who are Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein? Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein have decades of experience […]

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Chris Voss Masterclass Review

Being a good negotiator brings many benefits. It enables you to get what you need in your personal life as well as at work. Chris Voss´masterclass, teaches you how to use empathy to improve your negotiating skills. Update: Masterclass is currently doing a buy 1 gift 1 promotion. Well worth checking out! Literally, anyone will […]

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Bob Iger Masterclass Review

Disney CEO, Bob Iger’s Business Strategy and Leadership Masterclass is a must for anyone who runs their own company. Having led a multi-billion dollar business he provides insights you will not find elsewhere. How to quickly grow any business Bob Igor has spent all of his working life in the media sector. He started at […]

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2 Sara-Blakely-Masterclass-Review

Sara Blakely Masterclass Review

Find out how Sara Blakely, the creator of Spanx, turned $5K into a multi-million dollar empire. Let her show you how to do the same. Anyone who wants to succeed in business, or life, needs this masterclass. Sara Blakely the game-changer master When Sara Blakely started out, she had never worked in fashion or taken […]

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