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Whether you are a make-up artist or just someone who wants to look their best Bobbi Brown´s masterclass is for you. Her simple, yet effective approach to makeup is all you need to know.

No matter whether you currently wear a lot of makeup or rarely wear any, this masterclass is for you. What Bobbi teaches enables any woman of any age or skin tone to make the right choices.

She shows you how to ensure that your makeup works for you. What she teaches in this masterclass will enable you to look your best while still being true to yourself.

Bobbi Brown´s makeup and business philosophies

Bobbi Brown has been interested in makeup since she was a child. But, her first experience of wearing it was not a good one. The professional beautician who made her up as a teenager made her feel awful.

That early experience had a profound effect on Bobbi. It greatly influenced the approach she took while learning how to make people up. It drove her to experiment and come up with ways of helping people to be authentic and still look stunning.

What is beautiful to one, isn’t always beautiful to everyone. But, I’ve always found beauty in interesting faces.

Bobbi Brown – Make-up masterclass

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What you will learn by taking Bobbi Brown´s makeup masterclass

Makeup should not be a mask. You do not have to change the way you look.

  • Use makeup to enhance who you are
  • How to put on your makeup like a professional makeup artist
  • Choose a foundation that looks like your skin
  • Enhance your look with bronzer and blush
  • Highlight your eyes and brows
  • How to use your makeup to make you feel more confident
  • Create the perfect smoky eyes
  • How to transition your makeup from day to night
  • How to correct common makeup mistakes

The Changing Face of Beauty

Bobbi does all of the above by teaching you 10 simple steps. So, to make sure that you get good value for money she has added a few extra classes that do not necessarily teach you about makeup techniques.

One example of this is her short history of makeup. It was interesting to see how styles have evolved and to learn how the Bobbi Brown empire was born.

The role color plays in getting your makeup right

You need to start by working out which colors look good on you. To show you how to do this Bobbi explains the following:

  • Understanding your undertone
  • Narrowing down your color options
  • What is nude makeup and how to use it

This lesson is full of tips, but you still need to experiment. Bobbi shows you where to start. For example, for Indian women, a foundation with an orangey tone is a good starting point. But it would not work for women with darker or lighter skin tones.

Her explanation of what nude makeup is and how to recreate that look was a particularly good section of this video. Bobbi provides practical and easy to apply advice that only takes a few minutes to listen to and absorb.

How to periodically review your makeup kit

Bobbi explains the need to periodically review what you are wearing. She shows you how to do this. How to know when to throw something away and create a makeup kit that is tailored to the needs you have at the time. You will be stunned by how little Bobbi puts into her own makeup bag.

Interestingly, she has two little kits. One for daytime use and the other for the night.

Her tips for how to create a travel makeup kit, are especially good. Potentially, you could minimize your daily makeup bags using those tips.

Bobbi Brown´s foundation tips

Foundation is there to even out your skin tone. In this class, Bobbi shows you how to do the following:

  • Choose the right color foundation
  • How to choose the right format for your skin type
  • How to apply it sparingly enough to achieve the best look

Again, this class is packed with simple and easy to remember tips. For example, if your foundation blends in and disappears with your natural skin, you have found the right one for you.

It is quite a long class. But don´t skip over anything. I have very white skin but picked up one of the most important tips while watching Bobbi Brown applying foundation to a woman with a much darker skin tone than mine.

The right foundation is like having the right under garments. Your outfits won’t look good if you don’t have the right under garments. Your makeup won’t look good if you don’t have the right foundation.

Bobbi Brown – makeup course

The right way to apply bronzer and blush

Bronzers and blush are a great way to make yourself look better than you feel. But mastering them is something many women never seem quite manage.

In this section of her course, Bobbi shows you how to do the following:

  • Use bronzer to even out your skin tone for example on your neck
  • How to use bronzer to give yourself a lift
  • The correct way to apply bronzer powders
  • How to buy a bronzer that is easy to apply
  • How to apply both cream and powder blushes
  • much much more besides

How to use makeup to enhance your eyes

In this class, Bobbi shows you how to use a light, medium and dark color to create the perfect blend of eye makeup. Later, she shows you to add a 4th color to create smokey eyes.

She goes through a step-by-step process, which is extremely easy to follow. Bobbi explains how to choose the right color combination and when to use matt and shimmery eye shadows. Her blending process is very simple, yet effective.

Bobbi covers:

  • How to select and apply eyeshadow
  • How to line the eye
  • When to use a gel or pencil and when to use eyeliners
  • The right way to apply mascara including how to buy a truly black mascara
  • How to fill in your eyebrows

An easy way to create a statement lip

Statement lips are not for all women. But, as Bobbi says, when done right, you can get away without having to wear any other makeup.

She shows you several techniques and how to avoid the most common mistakes. Plus, importantly, she explains how to keep it looking good all day long.

It was particularly refreshing to hear Bobbi tell her audience that she makes mistakes. Better still, she explains exactly how to correct things when that happens.

Taking care of your skin the Bobbi Brown way

Well-conditioned skin looks far more attractive and provides a much better foundation for your makeup to sit on top off. Here is a quick overview of what is covered in this section:

  • How to understand what your skin needs on a daily basis
  • Choosing the best moisturizer to wear under makeup
  • Finding the best nighttime moisturizer or face oil for you
  • How not to overdo things
  • How to choose a sunscreen that helps you age slower without ruining your makeup
  • How to keep the skin around your eyes in good condition
  • How to remove your makeup without being too harsh and stripping your skin
  • Why taking a break from makeup is good for your skin and can even make you feel better about yourself

It was interesting to hear Bobbi explain that you should try all kinds of products. Some women will find that a $3.99 product works just as well for them as one that costs thousands.

Getting your workplace makeup right

Choosing makeup that is appropriate for your workplace can be tricky. You have to get the balance right. Bobbi explains how to recognize what “the look” is and how to adapt your makeup to fit in with it.

Bobbi explains how to make sure your look is fresh, yet polished. I particularly liked the way she covered how to maintain it during the day even if you only have a few minutes to spare.

Self-applying makeup – How to make it easier

This was a particularly useful video. In it, Bobbi shows you how to spruce up your makeup at the end of the day. She uses a model to demonstrate how to apply all of the products to complete your look. This is also where she shows you how to create that smokey eyes look, which is perfect for the evening.

She shares simple tips like holding your mirror up to the light and looking up instead of down. But they are the kind of thing we often forget to do. Bad habits soon creep in.

Achieving the perfect smokey eye

This 17-minute video shows you step-by-step how to achieve the perfect smokey eye. Bobbi takes you through the color chooses and shows you how to layer them with different textures.

Bobbi Brown´s 1-minute makeup routine

In a video that is a little under 3 minutes long, Bobbi shows you how to do your makeup in a minute, literally. She skips the foundation, then uses bronzer and maybe some concealer along with mascara. Plus, maybe a little eyeshadow or gloss for both your eyes and lips.

Makeup mistakes and how to avoid them

If you try a new look that does not work, taking it all off and starting again would take an age. Bobbi shows you how to use cotton swabs to fix most issues by tackling the problem areas.

Advice from Bobbi Brown for aspiring makeup artists

Bobbi started her career as an independent makeup artist. She explains how to balance the needs of the various people who are involved in influencing the look. You want your model or actor to be happy. The director, camera pros and other professionals will also want to have a big say. You need to understand what they are trying to achieve. Over time, you will understand how to do this. That means you need to be well-read, watch lots of movies and spend time looking at photos and movies. When you do this, it will be far easier to communicate with those you work alongside. For example, if someone says they like the Marlene Dietrich look, you will instantly know what they mean.

You need to practice, so you can work fast. So, you can identify what needs changing and how to do it. She also provides a bit of a reality check for young makeup artists. Bobbi shares the realities of working in the industry.

Wrapping it all up

Throughout her course, Bobbi quickly runs through what she has just covered at the end of each video. This is an excellent teaching technique. At the end of the course, she does something similar. She reminds you to go through her masterclass several times, practice and keep tweaking.

Is Bobbi Brown’s makeup masterclass worth the money?

There is no doubt, this is a great masterclass. It is one of my favorites. So, it is more than worth the money.

If you just want to take the course to improve your look, I guarantee you will cover the cost of taking it within a few months. It will stop you from buying products that you use once and never touch again.

For professionals, the lessons are invaluable. Gaining an insight like this into the industry is sure to prove helpful. As are Bobbi´s practical makeup tips and her advice about how to get work and become a well known and respected make up artist.

Learn more about the masterclass platform and their all-access pass

I used my all-access masterclass pass to take this course. If I had not had the pass, I probably would not have done so, which means I would have missed out on a really great masterclass. I´ve used my pass to take more than half of the courses that are available on the platform. It is one of the best buys I have made in recent years. It cost me the same price as it would have cost if I had bought just two individual classes. Yet, I can take every one of the nearly 80 classes that are available on the platform without paying a single cent more. A great bargain.

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