Are Online Surveys Worth Taking?

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Working from home is a reality for many people. Thanks to the Internet and technology, it is now possible to work from home (or a coffee shop, a library, a plaza, etc.) and earn money. One of the most common ways to generate income is through surveys. Despite the popularity of this activity many people wonder: Are any online surveys worth taking? The answer depends on the situation and the perspective of each individual, who is the one who finally decides.

Think and then decide

There are many websites that offer surveys for users to answer and earn money. Big brands need to know people’s preferences and then create products that sell easily.

Online surveys are a good way to earn extra money that you can then use to buy something you like. If you complete many surveys, you can generate interesting income that will be reflected at the end of the month. It is recommended to take surveys if:

-You are a housewife and mother of very young children.

-You are unemployed.

-You are a college student and your career does not allow you to work full time because you have a lot to study.

-You have a part-time job and would love to generate extra income in your free time.

-You travel around the world and have time to complete surveys while traveling by train, bus, plane, etc.

Before taking surveys, carefully analyze your individual situation and finally decide what is best for you.

This is how surveys work

Registering on a survey website is free, your data is protected and you will probably have to give information about your bank account or your Paypal account to get paid for the surveys you completed. First you must answer a questionnaire.

Through this, the survey website will establish your profile and send you surveys accordingly. When you accept a survey you must give your opinion about different products, events, services, etc. There are also other types of surveys that ask you about politicians or celebrities, which are also paid. The more extensive a survey is, the more money you make. As you answer surveys you accumulate points that are then redeemed for money or gifts.

It is highly recommended that you register with survey websites that pay you for all the surveys and questionnaires they send you. The problem is that many websites ask you to answer a questionnaire to establish a profile and then send you a survey.

If you don’t respond to that target they don’t send you any surveys and don’t compensate you for the time you spent answering the questionnaire. Fortunately, there are websites that pay you for all the questionnaires you answer, even when you do not respond to a certain target.

Therefore, before registering on a survey website, find out if they pay for all the questionnaires (in addition to the surveys, obviously) or only pay for the surveys that correspond to your profile.

Tips to help you make more money by answering surveys

-First register on as many survey websites as possible, so that you get many surveys to answer and you earn more money.

-It is convenient to create an email account that you use exclusively for answering surveys. This way you don’t mix up your surveys with your professional or personal affairs.

-Remember that all survey websites reject users who work in advertising or marketing. They also do not accept users who have family members working in those areas.

-When you have to answer questionnaires to establish your profile, it is convenient to answer all the questions. If they have little information about you, you will receive few surveys. Always “more is better”.

-Remember that survey websites look for middle and high income users who are highly consumerist: they buy a lot of products, travel a lot, attend many events, etc.


Everyone who wonders if there are any surveys worth taking should know that there are survey websites that are reliable. Everyone should evaluate whether it is convenient for them to answer surveys according to their individual situation.

Here are legitimate and reliable survey websites where you can register: Branded Research; InboxDollars; American Consumer Opinion; One Opinion; Mint Vine; Univox; Toluna; Prize Rebel; Global Test Market.

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