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 GEA explanation video using statewide numbers – updated for 2014

You can view the version of the video using Capital Region specific numbers here.

The real story on New York’s Tax Levy cap

Advocacy video from 1.30.14 event

Advocacy video from 1.31.13 event

Advocacy Event Video 1_31 from Justin Cortese on Vimeo.

Rick Timbs video series:

Education Speaks team members sat down with Statewide School Finance Consortium Executive Director Dr. Rick Timbs (featured in this post) to talk about school funding in New York State. We will be archiving all of the videos below, as they are posted.

Video # 6:

This video asks “does the tax cap really limit districts to a 2% increase?” And, “what happens if a budget gets voted down?”

Video #5:

Here’s the fifth video: Timbs talks tax cap.

Video #4:

Here’s the fourth video, in which Timbs gives a visual breakdown of the inequities in funding for public education in New York.

Video #3:

Here’s the third installment of this informative interview, which addresses the questions:

  • Should certain districts to receive more state aid than others?
  • Is financial mismanagement to blame for economic shortfalls in public education?

Video # 2:

Here’s the second installment of this informative interview, which addresses the questions:

  • What exactly is the Statewide School Finance Consortium and what does it hope to achieve?
  • What additional reforms can be made to improve New York’s school finance system?
  • Is school finance really an upstate vs. downstate issue?

Video #1:
“What is wrong with the current funding formula for education in New York State?”

Rick Timbs Interview Trailer

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