Friday Rundown 10.3.14

A good Friday morning to you – the first Friday in October! Here’s what you may have missed in education headlines this week.

State officials discuss changes in Regents format (Glens Falls Post Star)

Assemblyman James Skoufis: Stop balancing budgets on the backs of our children (Skoufis press release)

Cuomo announces $22.4 million education grant for NYS (

New York tax system is archaic (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)

State judge tosses challenge to NY tax cap (Press Connects)

How much time will new Common Core tests take kids to finish? Quite a lot. (Washington Post)

Superintendents share classroom tech successes (Capital New York)

Rethinking the 
high school diploma (Education Next)

In your opinion: New school snacks will help children (The Daily Star)

U.S. Department of Education announces 2014 National Blue Ribbon Schools (

Friday Rundown 9.5.14

By now, most students across New York state have returned to school. If you were busy and missed anything this week getting the kids ready for school, we’ve got you covered. Here’s this week’s Rundown.

State backing off on Common Core mandates after so many weighed in (Albany Times Union)

Astorino’s plan: Regents overhaul, Common Core replacement, vouchers (Capital New York)

NYSUT fights back in tenure attack (Albany Times Union)

School lunch prices on the rise (Buffalo news)

Opinion: Cuomo must use state surplus to remedy separate and unequal education system (Buffalo News)

Common Core to sink or swim this school year (Journal News)

State Board of Regents plans easier paths to high school graduation (NY Daily News)

View: Smart Schools bond a bad investment (Journal News)

What it actually takes for schools to ‘go digital’ (The Herchinger Report)

Friday Rundown 8.15.14

The back to school season has many of us thinking about going to bed earlier, shopping for school supplies, studying and textbooks. Reporters are evidently thinking the same, in addition to pension costs, budgets and the newly released 3-8 test scores. For more information, check out these stories from this week’s Friday Rundown.

Release of Grades 3-8 Assessment Scores

N.Y. school pension costs will rise 7.8% (The Journal News)

Not Everyone Has the Tools to Become Rich: How Our Childhood Shapes Our Ability to Succeed (Huffington Post)

SUNY project helps top teachers master skills to benefit students (Middletown Times Herald Record)

Private contractors cut school costs (Times Union)

Second year of Common Core tests shows math scores inch up, English scores flat (The Journal News)

Language on N.Y. ballots raises concerns again (The Poughkeepsie Journal)

Michelle Rhee Prepares To Leave CEO Job At StudentsFirst, Group She Founded (Huffington Post)

No, third grade is not the year when kids go from ‘learning to read’ to ‘reading to learn’ (Washington Post)

Going broke sending the kids back to school? Average cost of school supplies tops $100 ( – NBC News)

The Teen Who Woke Up Her School (Huffington Post)

Common-Core Math Textbooks to Get Online Ratings (Education Week)

Friday Rundown 8.1.14

The first round of test scores since Common Core’s implementation have been released.  This prompted the State’s release of a parent “bill of rights” to clarify how the data could be used and privacy requirements pertaining to the results. Now, people are wondering how schools are going to utilize the new feedback and whether students and teachers can rise to the curriculum. The challenges that districts face, such as integrating the standards into Special Education and the new TASC exam requiring high school equivalency students to meet the standards, are also making headlines this week.

The lawsuit against teacher tenure was filed Monday and has the potential to bring about big changes in the New York State education system.

School is getting more expensive and so are school supplies. As back to school season approaches are you ready to spend a little extra? If not, maybe your community is doing something to help families out like the communities in the news this week:

Other news:

Officials look to educate local teens for future nano jobs (Utica Observer Dispatch)

A teacher asks Arne Duncan a gutsy question. Here’s the answer. (Washington Post)

Utica’s King school benefiting from extended days (Utica Observer Dispatch)

More Schools Open Their Doors to the Whole Community (Wall Street Journal)

Friday Rundown 7.25.14

Schools are thinking outside of the box to try to offer the best to their students. Districts have been faced with funding challenges and state and national mandates that have made it difficult to provide things such as learning technology, healthy foods that students want to eat and alternative programming for non-traditional students. Districts and students have been forced to be creative to find solutions.

The usual topics of Common Core, tenure, state aid, and national and international student competitiveness have not gone away. Here’s some other interesting news from the week.

The problem with how we talk about poverty and kids (The Washington Post)

State awards $11M in after-school grants (Capital New York)

Setting the record straight on tenure (New York Daily News)

Investing in early learning (Buffalo News)

Middle school principals discuss Common Core, technology and promoting identity formation (Albany Business Review)

US teens are flunking financial literacy test (Middletown Times Herald Record)

New York schools have lower dropout rates than national average (Watertown Daily Times)

Friday Rundown 7.18.14

Unions are dominating the news this week with debates on teachers’ healthcare costs, pensions, raises and tenure. In addition, union leaders have expressed their opinions on Common Core and the upcoming election. As the new school year and the next election approach, political leaders and educators are searching for a solution. This week they’re discussing the benefits of performance based raises for teachers, tweaking the Common Core standards and litigating against tenure. 

State public schools anticipated to pay highest pension contribution for teachers in 2014-15  (Watertown Daily Times)

School aid push starts early (Glens Falls Post Star)

Teachers union takes on Common Core (Politico)

School Districts Are Paying Teachers Wrong, Report Says (Huffington Post)

Sound education child’s right (Times Union)

Why building relationships is vital in school reform (Washington Post)

Can Utica be ready for a longer school day? (Utica Observer Dispatch)

In an era of high-stakes testing, a struggling school made a shocking choice (The New Yorker)

Hiring patterns shift in teaching field (Times Herald Record)

Thursday Rundown 7.3.14

Happy holiday weekend! Starting with the national news, in the spirit of the Fourth of July, the nation’s top education headlines include: Global competitiveness, Common Core, standardized testing and more.

New York reform news –

Friday Rundown: 6.27.14

School may be out for summer, but there’s a lot happening right now in the world of education. With high school graduations happening this week and next around the state, it seems like a great time to look at graduation rates:

At the other end of the education spectrum, pre-K:

Other news:

View: Cuomo turns back on education tax credit, students (Journal News)

Education stakeholders respond to the session; 21st Congressional District primary (WCNY)

Report: US Teachers Love Their Jobs But Don’t Feel Valued (Huffington Post)

Friday Rundown: 6.20.14

Are you ready for the Summer Solstice? The longest day of the year arrives tomorrow, Saturday, June 21 at 6:51 a.m. EDT.

Meanwhile, while school is coming to a end in most districts around the state next week, there was a bit of news made yesterday involving teacher evaluations. Here’s your weekly Rundown.

Teacher Evaluation Changes

Common Core, in 9-Year-Old Eyes (New York Times)

Poll shows upstaters, like teachers, want Common Core delayed (Buffalo News)

‘Class Notes’: New York’s superintendents offer vision of public education (Journal News)

NYS testing: What schools, students were used to test future state exams? (Syracuse Post Standard)

Editorial: In defense of teacher tenure (Wall Street Journal – subscription required)

Common core opponents rally in Albany (Albany Times Union)

As the lunch line gets healthier, making ends meet in school cafeterias gets tougher (Buffalo News)

Summit highlights the science of job growth (Oneonta Daily Star)

What’s wrong with outlawing bullying? (CNN)

Friday Rundown: 6.13.14

Happy Friday the 13th. May your only horror today be the rainy weather!

Teacher evaluation is the news and a court decision 3,000 miles away could have a revolutionary impact on education in New York:

More on the Core:

And a couple other things we found interesting:

Have a great weekend. If we missed something you want to share, let us know in the comments!