Watch and Learn Wednesday: GEA edition

PLEASE NOTE: The video below uses numbers specific to NY’s Capital Region. For a version of the video using statewide numbers visit our “Watch and Learn” page.

You’ve heard a lot over the last few months about the Gap Elimination Adjustment, or GEA, and how it has severely impacted school districts across New York state. Introduced in 2010 by then Governor David Paterson, the GEA was supposed to be a temporary solution to closing the state’s $10 billion budget deficit. Instead, it has wreaked havoc on school district budgets, leading to countless program reductions and job cuts. Want to learn why? Check out the video below that explains the GEA and the specific impact it continues to have on schools.

Gap Elimination Adjustment: An Explanation from Justin Cortese on Vimeo.

9 thoughts on “Watch and Learn Wednesday: GEA edition

  1. While I understand why everyone is upset about the cuts (I’ve got kids too), what I’m not hearing is where you expect the money to come from. The state isn’t the man in the big house down the street who hired you to mow the law. If it were he’d have told you long ago that he’s broke and can’t afford for you to cut his grass any longer. We all live in this state and we’re all in this together. There’s simply not enough money and the solution isn’t to simply give schools more out of some imaginary vault. Just like the school districts themselves, the state has a limited number of ways to increase funds. So where exactly do you think the state will get the money to give more to schools?

    • A 1/4 of 1% stock transfer tax would raise billions upon billions of dollars. And it would not fall on the average “working Joe” (or “Jane.”) It would fall on those making oodles of money in day-trading and other high-volume stock market games. These profits are already taxed at a lower level than income earned from working at a job (capital gains are taxed much lower than earned income.) So a tiny little 1/4 or 1% will not be onerous…..

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  6. State ed could stop giving money to corporations (like Pearson in the UK) for standardized tests and give the money instead to local districts. State ed could stop giving money to inBloom for a massive database that we don’t need. State ed could stop giving unfunded mandates to schools that tell schools HOW to spend the very little money they have. Mandates like the new APPR teacher/ evaluation system which is a costly smoke and mirrors system forced up on districts which already had an evaluation system in place. Mandates like more technology to be used for more tests coming up for students (PARCC tests).

    Money for education is there. It is being misused and unfairly allocated amongst districts.

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