Mandate Monday: Checking in with the Mandate Relief Council

We’re checking in with Governor Cuomo’s Mandate Relief Council for this week’s Mandate Monday post

The Mandate Relief Council is an 11 member executive and legislative council charged with reviewing and advancing proposals to reduce the statutory and regulatory burden on local governments and school districts. Earlier this year the council conducted a series of public hearings around the state to get input about how mandates are impacting schools and municipalities. Videos of the hearings are available on the Council’s website.

As part of the process of identifying and determining whether a mandate on a local government/school district is unsound, unduly burdensome or costly, the Mandate Relief Council is currently accepting submissions of questionable mandates from local governments/school districts. Based on what is shown on the website, it doesn’t appear that many mandates have been submitted through this vehicle.

That list can be found here, and comments can be submitted on the same page. The page states that “In addition, the Mandate Relief Council is looking for any comments and ideas for mandate relief that you may have.”

Whether you’re a parent, school district official, student or community member, we encourage you to check out the page, and to have your voice heard!

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