Friday Rundown: 5.25.12

Happy Friday. Hope you enjoy the long Memorial Day weekend!

Some follow-up on last week’s school budget votes:

A yearlong campaign to “Educate NY Now” launched this week:


The Times Union’s Fred LeBrun likened Governor Cuomo’s approach to education policy to “…throwing a hand grenade at a thorny problem, walking away, and seeing who and what survives.”

However schools may sue over tax cap’s super-majority provision.

Apparently, in New York, politics controls which schools get extra tax dollars. (Is this a surprise?)

On the national level, people are buzzing about Mitt Romney’s speech on education. To watch the speech and read tons of coverage, check out “This Week in Education.” Or you can read the full text of the speech at “The Answer Sheet.”

As always, if we’ve missed anything let us know in the comments!

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