Friday Rundown: 3.2.12

The biggest news this week was probably the fact that we finally got some snow, at least here in Albany. The Ed Speaks team actually spent some extra time compiling the rundown this week just to put off shoveling! Weather aside, here’s what’s been going on this week in the world of education:

The Mandate Relief Council was busy this week with two public hearings, one in New Paltz on Monday and the other in Albany on Tuesday. Keep an eye out next week as we’ll be featuring some testimony from the hearings in a “Points of View” post. Unfortunately, the events didn’t get much press coverage. Here’s what we could find:

Wednesday was Rural and Small City Schools Lobby Day down at the Capitol. We’ll be featuring some insights from students who attended the event over the next couple weeks. Here’s some news coverage:

Other items of interest:

Grass-roots ad stresses value of teachers. (We shared this video out through social media last week, but we think it’s worth a second mention!)

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