Friday Rundown: 2.17.12

Boy, do we just hate it when exciting education news breaks on a Thursday. You see, we put the weekly rundown together late Thursday afternoon to make sure that it is all set to go for posting at 6:00 am on Friday morning. That way our readers can catch up with the week’s headlines over a cup of coffee and a healthy breakfast (which we hope, for your sake, includes bacon. MMMMMM bacon.)

When the exciting news — you know, like an agreement between Governor Cuomo and NYSUT on APPR— breaks on a Thursday, we just can’t have the latest follow-up coverage ready for that 6:00 am posting deadline. So, please keep in mind that we will be updating this page throughout the morning as we troll the internet for news articles and responses from the blogo-sphere. So, away we go!

Governor Cuomo and Commissioner King Announce Agreement on Evaluation Guidelines

You can read the official announcement here and/or watch the video announcement of the agreement here.


News coverage:

 In other news:


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