Should parents be able to choose their child’s teacher?

School choice is a widely debated topic in education reform circles. The idea that parents should  have the freedom to choose a school based on its quality and their child’s needs, not their home address is one that makes sense to a lot of people. Some parents are taking this idea even further and there are few rallies being held for giving parents the right to choose a particular teacher

Time Magazine’s “School of Thought”column tackled this issue last week.Their bottom line is that that “parents cannot afford to treat their children’s education as a spectator sport. They have to get in the game.”
What do you think about teacher choice? Have you ever requested a specific teacher for your child? Did the school honor your request?

2 thoughts on “Should parents be able to choose their child’s teacher?

  1. I have written letters each year for one of my two children. He does not fit the mold and needs specific things or he does not lean effectively and will become the class clown. There was one year where there was an extreme mismatch in teacher with him and the behaviors increased tremendously. The following year, the Principal and I put a lot of thought into teacher placement. I did not ask for a specific teacher, but personality traits. The match decreased behaviors and increased student productivity. That particular teacher saw quirks in a positive light, seeing how a child with ADD running back to his seat after getting an assignment was a child eager to get to the work (probably going quickly to not forget multi-step directions).

    My other child is an average learner who loves school and I have not needed to request anything. She does well in any setting. If both children schooled this easily, I would not make any requests.

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