Governor’s Budget: news coverage and reactions

On Tuesday, Governor Cuomo released his 2012-13 Executive Budget proposal. If you missed it, you can watch the presentation here. You can read all about it here and you may also want to check out the related twitter stream #NYSbudget. Below is a rundown of news coverage from around the state and responses from various educational organizations. This list will be updated as more coverage and responses are released.

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News Coverage:

Organization responses:

“Last month, Governor Cuomo demonstrated strong leadership in assuring the state would have revenue to follow through on an $805 million increase in School Aid, as promised in the two-year appropriation enacted last year. The aid proposal he presented today would provide schools with the best starting point they have had in recent years.

“The Governor is right to prioritize helping high need districts, but we would like see more of the increase for all districts targeted to general operating aid.

“The Governor is also right that New York cannot afford to lose $1 billion in federal education funds because of a stalemate over new evaluation procedures. Superintendents have done their best to implement a law which the Governor has said, “was destined to fail.” Without a better state framework, threatening districts with a loss of aid will not produce better evaluations.

“We welcome the Governor’s ‘Tier VI’ proposal on pensions. For most of the past decade, surging pension and health care costs have forced school leaders to make hard choices between cutting programs or asking voters to approve local tax increases. Now, with the tax cap, there will be only one choice, unless the state acts to help restrain those costs.

“We look forward to working with the Governor, Assembly and Senate to assure that schools get a budget and mandate relief that allows schools to give students the best learning opportunities we can.”

Want to see how much money your district is getting? Check out the state aid runs.

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